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OOC Community for the Nexus/The Space musebox
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For everything OOC to Mari's Musebox
This would be the OOC community for spacemusebox, the musebox that is Mari's musebox. Want to talk plot? Want to just chat? Want to share fanworks of your fave fandoms? All that good stuff? Well, here's a place to do it!

Guidelines to go by...

1. Be kind to one another! Let's all be on good terms. No IC to OOC drama. If any conflict cannot be done in a civil manner, please take it elsewhere, and not here.

2. Mature RPers only. Same thing goes for the musebox. Some topics will definitely contain some adult content. Discussions about our beloved fandoms and characters we write as? Some of them are of the naughty, dark, and/or very violent type.

3. If you want to advertise RPG comms... Please go here: i_wanna_rp_now, or to the other hundreds of RP comm ad places around LJ Land.

4. Tagging system is optional. I think it'd be easier for keeping track of things, but I think we could be more relaxed on tags here on the OOC.

5. It might be a good idea to announce the need for slow time. Wouldn't hurt. Even though everything is at a slow to moderate pace at the musebox, stating why you'll have to be gone for a time (along with a good estimation of when you'll be back) would be nice.

6. Have fun! Chat away, guys and gals! Let us bond, plot, laugh, and relax.