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A Notice to All Members!

If you're having trouble navigating through LJ because of its crappy new look, please know that I will eventually make Dreamwidth accounts.

Right now I'm going to make DW accounts for some more muses. You can find Mari's here!




Shelke has the same journal name as her LJ one...

http://nexus-musebox.dreamwidth.org/profile <--Da da da daaaa!
Don't mind me being all awkward and attempting to look cool in front of you swell rpers, hehe.

My name is Becca but feel free to call me any pet name you'd like and the muse I bring forth is Claire Novak from Supernatural set in a AU setting. Miss Novak has grown up a lot since her episode with the Winchesters and Castiel and there's a who story on how she became to be all written up in my profile.

I'm willing to play from any season, story line and so on but her main is years after the whole Jimmy/Castiel thing and Claire has become a hunter and part angel in the process of those years. She very knowledgeable on hunting and has nearly full control over her angel powers.

I'm really a sucker for just about anything so don't be afraid to come at me with a plot! :D

I think I covered the general gist of things but if you have any questions, let me know.

I look forward to playing with you all! :3

[Also a quick shout-out to dean_is_the_man for inviting me into the comm. Thank you~ :D]

Everybody, give a big warm welcome to...

Nathan Petrelli-mun!! prezstandsalone

I've invited this awesome person to the Musebox Madness and there's more than just Nathan that's been brought along. There's an AU Jack Harkness from Torchwood/Doctor Who, a Sam Winchester, and Bob from Dresden Files too!

Let the awesome sauce times roll. \o/

I'll think up something for Nathan and Bob to enter with one of my muses (maybe Steve Piranha Plant haha), and I'll see if Starlite-mun would like to join in too.

OH, and I also would like to add... Here's hoping a Chris Redfield player will come on over. I've yet to hear back from this person. *crosses fingers*

About the Forbidden Island Event

I've had this in mind for a while, and because I've been so busy-ish and occupied it's taken me longer than expected to get this going! Sorry all! ^^;

Based on and inspired from on the co-op tile tabletop game I have, Forbidden Island, the Nexus has now completely changed; into this strange island surrounded by endless ocean. Completely, meaning that all of the town, forests, mountain range, and ENCOM replica are no longer there. There are these different locations around the island, and 8 of them are temples. In 4 of them, there are ancient relics, or treasures. In all of them, there are these hidden switches. If any character presses or unintentionally steps over one, a part of the island will start sinking. There are other switches to find to stop the water from rising further.

Of course, the event is optional. You don't have to join in on this if you don't want to.

A list of these 20 locations and their small, generic descriptions:

Click me.Collapse )

Also the relics in 4 of the 8 temples represent earth, air, fire, and water. They are called the Water Chalice, the Earth-Rock Statue, the Fire Crystal, and the Winged Lion Statue. I'll leave it up to some of you guys to describe what they look like. ^.^

Have fun with this, everyone!


This means my tagging will be slower. Just thought I'd give you guys the heads up.

um, hi

SO, I found this place from a certain other muse and I was just curious if anyone wants a Starlite muse here.

If not, I'll just leave~ XD
I've been sick with a nasty cold since last Thursday evening. I feel most of the way better but I hope to feel ALL the way better soon so I won't have to feel like crap at work tomorrow.

Will catch up on RP stuffs as soon as I'm feeling much less icky!

And here's to hoping that this upcoming new year will be a good one.

I was hoping to catch some more of you guys online but oh well.

For Dutch!

Started gathering some songs for Masaomi lately. Pretty much all of these reflect different sides to MasaPuppy!

The list is here. A work in progress.Collapse )

More to come once I find any!


I bring Aerith from FFVII Crisis Core. Before everything went wrong involving ShinRa and before the death of Zack Fair. She is easy to talk to and a very nice girl really. Feel free to have a chat with her or plot some RP ideas, I'm easy going. Oh, and she loves flowers. Nearly forgot to mention that XD

Enter the Midgar flower girl into the Nexus fun.
THIS GUY... Izaya Orihara from the Durarara anime/manga. I'm guessing he'll be a mixture of both.

He's a trolling, sociopathic guy who has this obessive, unhealthy fondness for all human beings. Very messed up individual, he is. YES, he's fighting on the side of humanity...but it's very possible he's going to bounce around some of the few alliances. Vertigo and Hannah he loathes (and loves to insult) but if there's something that piques a sinister interest, he'd be in on it. Xel'lotath he actually likes and takes interest in, because she's someone who shares common ground; starting up chaotic situations and sitting back to watch what happens.

He'll bounce around and play games with Team Scrambling Heroes a little, and other times he'd help them.

Here's his DM post. Go throw somebody at him, if you dare. >:D